How to Hang a Mirror Sideways

Things You\’ll Need

  • Two-way taping patches

  • Scale

  • Wall leveler

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Mirror mounting kit

  • Screwdriver

Couple hanging a mirror Use mirrors to decorate any room in your apartment or house. Image Credit: Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Mirrors open up a room and add variety to an empty wall. Hang a mirror sideways to create an even more distinct look. Certain mirrors are specifically made to hang both vertically and horizontally. Even if this isn't the case with your mirror, you can still position the mirror the way you want. The process of hanging a mirror sideways doesn't require altering the structure of the mirror; it also allows you to revert the mirror back to its vertical state if you so choose.

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Using a Horizontal Hanging Bracket

Step 1

Check the mirror's backside for a hanging bracket that allows for horizontal hanging.

Step 2

Hold the mirror so it's horizontally aligned with the wall if the mirror is equipped with a horizontal hanging option.

Step 3

Lift the mirror above the hanging nail and slide it down so the hanging bracket rests on the nail.

Using Two-Way Tape Patches

Step 1

Apply two-way tape patches to the back of the mirror if there's no horizontal hanging bracket. Use the specified amount of tape according to the directions on the tape package. Weigh your mirror by either placing the mirror directly on a scale or by weighing yourself alone, then weighing yourself while holding the mirror and subtracting the additional weight — the weight difference is the weight of the scale. The amount of tape used is determined by the weight of the mirror.

Step 2

Remove the nail from the wall. Use a wall leveler, tape measure and pencil to draw a level line on the wall where you want the mirror displayed.

Step 3

Remove the paper strip on the back of the two-way tape from the mirror and place the mirror against the wall where you drew the line. Hold the mirror in place on the wall for the directed amount of time according to the tape's packaging.

Using Mirror Brackets

Step 1

Hold the mirror against the wall and mark the corners on the wall with a pencil. Use a wall level to ensure the mirror is straight.

Step 2

Remove the mirror from the wall and place the mirror brackets from the mounting kit against the wall at the corner markings of the bottom of the mirror. Insert the mounting screws from the kit through the brackets and tighten them into the wall with a screwdriver.

Step 3

Set the mirror on top of the brackets so the mirror lies flat against the wall. Place the top brackets over the top of the mirror and secure them by tightening the screws through the brackets into the wall.


Two-way tape patches are usually available at craft and home decor stores.


The two-way tape may leave a sticky residue on your wall when you remove the mirror.