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How to Calculate the Wind Load for a Satellite Dish

Things You\'ll Need CalculatorTape measure Wind load is a function of wind speed and the surface area of the sate

Ground Covers to Repel Garden Snakes

A marble statue will not deter snakes like well managed ground cover. Snakes are predators that hunt by makin

How to Make a Plywood Divider

Things You\'ll Need Plywood, 3/4 inch thickPaintFabricHingesScrewdriver Plywood makes a cheap and easy screen.

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How to Make a Ruched Drapery Header

Things You\'ll Need Drape/curtain panelsTape measureElasticScissorsStraight pinsNeedleThreadSewing machine Ruched

How to Remove a Creeping Fig

Things You\'ll Need Pruning SheersFicus pumila specific herbacide8-inch plastic putty knifeDish soap5-gallon bucketPlasti

How to Refinish a 70s Full-Wall Brick Fireplace

Things You\'ll Need BucketWarm waterDetergentScrub brushMasonry primerRoller with 1-inch nap2-inch paintbrushLatex paint
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