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How to Cover a Leather Couch

Things You\'ll Need Throw rugDecorative blanketPillowsCloth sofa slipcoverTape measure Covering a leather couch h

What Is Rock Lath?

Traditional rock lath and plaster walls provide better soundproofing than drywall. Image Credit: Viktor Sagayd

The Difference Between Anodized and Hard Anodized

Hard anodizing is common in hydraulic parts that suffer major wear and tear. Anodizing aluminum creates alumi

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How to Use an Antique Spinning Wheel

Things You\'ll Need Spinning wheelFiberStoolNiddy-noddyBall-winderLazy-KateDutch combsHand carders In the olden d

What Kind of Paint to Use on an Umbrella

Change the look of your umbrella by painting it. Rain, sleet, hail and even bright sunlight can be quite dama

Can You Install Linoleum Over Carpet Padding?

Linoleum needs a flat, solid surface for installation. Linoleum is one of the more flexible types of flooring
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