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What Is a Piled Raft Foundation?

A piled raft foundation combines two foundation-building techniques into a hybrid design suitable for specialized circum

How to Replace a Rotted Ledger Board or Sill Plate

Things You\'ll Need Flat pry barHammerReciprocating saw3 inch wood screwsScrew gunCircular sawTape measureLedger board an

Glass Wall vs. Drywall

Glass walls have some advantages over their drywall counterparts. Drywall is one of the most commonly chosen

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How to Bend Wood for a Walking Stick

Things You\'ll Need 1 sheet of 1/2-inch plywoodSawWood screwsCordless screw gunNew 5-gallon metal gas canRadiator or stea

How to Install Drywall Around Pipes

Things You\'ll Need Tape measureT-squareElectric drillHole sawDrywall nails or drywall screwsDrywall hammer or electric d

How to Make a Wooden Wall Measuring Stick Growth Chart

A measuring stick growth chart is easy and inexpensive to create and will be something that youll cherish for years to c
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