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How to Sew a Cylinder Pillow

Things You\'ll Need Sewing machine1.5 yards pillow fabric, or more for a large bolster pillowMatching threadCylindrical p

How to Cover Up Thumbtack Holes in the Wall

Things You\'ll Need Soft spongePutty knifeToothpickSpackleSandpaperPaintSmall paintbrush Thumbtacks leave unattra

How to Replace a Door Peephole

Things You\'ll Need Flathead screwdriverReplacement peepholeDrill bitDrill Clear peepholes increase home safety.

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Removing a Plastic Nut From a Toilet Seat Hinge

Things You\'ll Need Flat head screwdriverPenetrating lubricantYour toilets seat has plastic nuts that attach to the bolts

Goatskin vs. Cow Leather

For about as long as people have been on the Earth, they have been tanning the hides from hunted animals and livestock t

How to Embroider Inchies

1 of 13 Overview What is an embroidered inchie, anyway? Simply a piece of fabric filled with

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