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How Much Weight Does a Brass Drapery Rod Hold?

Whether brass or plastic, curtain rods have little to do with the maximum allowable weight of curtains. Image

How to Hang a Frameless Door Mirror

Things You\'ll Need Carpenters levelPencilMeasuring tapeAwlMirror clip kit with 4 clips and 4 screwsScrewdriver H

My Kohler 25 HP Won’t Charge the Battery

Test the battery on your mower for a full charge. Kohler 25-horsepower engines are used to power lawn vehicle
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How Close Can You Dig Next to a Basement Footing?

A backhoe removes soil with precision. The typical basement offers a storage area, additional living space an

How to Build a Collage About Yourself

Things You\'ll Need Pictures, memorabiliaScissorsPoster boardWhite glueThe word \"collage\" originates from the French word

Calcium Chloride As a Weed Killer

Calcium chloride controls weeds and dust that may spring up on a rural roadway. Image Credit: Jupiterimages/Co
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