How to Remove a Tecumseh Snowblower Choke Knob

Things You\’ll Need

  • Nut driver

  • Screwdriver

Man clearing sidewalk with snow blower Keep your snowblower in good repair for optimum performance. Image Credit: Steve Mason/Photodisc/Getty Images

Snowblowers make lighter work of the amount of snow that winter provides. Keeping your snowblower in good running condition means that, when you need it most, it will be ready for you. A manual choke on the snowblower engine allows the user to regulate the amount of fuel the carburetor gets. If you are performing your prewinter check of your snowblower and find that the choke knob has broken during the off season, this is the perfect time to fix it.

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Step 1

Place the snowblower on a flat surface. Remove plastic trim pieces from the engine housing. Some models have trim plates around the primer bulb and key areas. These plates are held on with nuts on either side. Once this plate is removed, it will be easier to remove the other pieces. The slot for the choke knob is smaller than the knob itself, so that piece cannot be removed fully until the knob is removed.

Step 2

Follow the arm of the choke knob back to the carburetor once the housing is out of the way. The choke is connected by a linkage to the carburetor.

Step 3

Disconnect the choke knob arm from the carburetor linkage using the screwdriver. Once the arm is disconnected from the carburetor, slide it out through the opening in the housing.


Late summer or early fall is the perfect time for snowblower maintenance. There is plenty of time before the snow flies to order parts that are not available locally.