5 Homemade Products to Freshen Up Your Laundry Routine

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Homemade Laundry Products to Try ASAP

Store-bought products clean your clothes, but they may not always be kind to your skin. The chemicals found in many name brands can spur irritations or bring on allergies, and that can be much more infuriating than a clumsy stain on a favorite shirt. Thankfully, those with sensitive skin — or anyone who prefers peace of mind — can tackle this chore with a collection of simple homemade products. Here are five straightforward concoctions that you should keep in your laundry room, most of which only have a handful of ingredients, so that you can wear a fresh wardrobe without any lingering concerns.

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Start With a Naturally Clean Washing Machine

Before you start washing your clothes, you should think about the machine you're using to clean them. It's easy for mildew to build up in washing machines, as well as residue and other debris from your clothes. To keep this build up at bay, deep clean your washing machine every few months with a homemade cleaner made from products you probably already have in your possession.

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Throw Out Your Many Mediocre Stain Removers

In your quest to find a stain remover that can get rid of coffee, red wine and other pesky stains, you've no doubt accumulated quite the collection of assorted products. You can replace the whole bundle with a homemade stain remover that actually works. Ah, clean and concise.

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Be Gentle to Your Skin

This is the detergent to start with if you have sensitive skin. It's considered a homemade laundry detergent for babies, but really, it's ideal for anyone with skin that tends to react easily to chemicals. Make it with only three ingredients, and wash your clothes without any fear of uncomfortable reactions.

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Make Sure Every Part of Your Detergent Is Homemade

A main ingredient in most homemade laundry detergents is washing soda, which is really just baking soda prepared in a particular way. Learn how to make your own using one ingredient and an oven, and you'll be able to add it to whichever detergent you prefer. That's one quick and inexpensive way to gain control of cleanliness.

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Give Into Your Preference for Pods

Just because you prefer pods to powder doesn't mean that you have to resort to store-bought products. It's actually quite easy to make your own laundry pods that are safe for all washing machines. They require a few more ingredients and time than the aforementioned options, but they'll still bring a fresh take to your laundry day.

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