How to Build a Baseball Card Wall Display

Things You\’ll Need

  • Plywood

  • Jigsaw

  • Paint

  • Plywood glue

  • Sheet of felt

  • Baseball cards

  • Sheet of plexiglass

  • Wood frame

  • Hammer and nails

... Don\’t let your baseball cards gather dust on the floor.

If you collect baseball cards, you can display them proudly in your home. You can purchase a baseball card display case online or in sporting good stores — but it is often cheaper to construct one yourself. This kind of case can also make a wonderful present for the card collector in your life.

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Step 1

Measure the wall you plan to put the display on to determine how big a display you can place there. Lay out the baseball cards you intend to put on display on a piece of plywood. Measure the length and width of your intended display to ensure it's not too big for the wall. If it is, remove some cards or find a different wall to house your display.

Step 2

Remove the cards from the plywood. Draw a rectangle on the plywood to indicate a display of the size you have chosen. Cut the plywood along the lines you have drawn to make a board of the correct size. Paint the board if you want a colored display and let the paint dry.

Step 3

Cover the plywood with felt. Glue the felt to the plywood with a special adhesive strong enough to hold felt to plywood.

Step 4

Arrange the baseball cards the way you want them. Put each card in a plastic sleeve. Put a removable Velcro strip on the back of each sleeve and a corresponding Velcro strip on the felt where you want it so that you can attach the cards without gluing them to the felt and ruining them.

Step 5

Place the sheet of Plexiglass over the display. Put a wood frame around the Plexiglass and nail the frame to the Plexiglass and to the display.

Step 6

Attach the display to the wall with an adhesive strong enough to hold wood and glass.


Use Plexiglass rather than a glass that does not offer protection from ultraviolet rays. If your glass is not protected from ultraviolet rays, the sun can ruin your baseball cards over time.