How to Kill Fleas in Soil

Fleas are small, biting insects and multiply quickly in homes with pets. These creatures can also live and breed outside, though, in sandy, moist or cool locations. A thriving outdoor flea colony counteracts any indoor control measures, as dogs and cats pick up the fleas and bring them into the house. If you discover an outdoor colony, treat it and the soil around it to eliminate fleas, their larvae and any eggs in the area.

Things You\’ll Need

  • Biological Insecticides

  • Lime

  • Organic Pesticides

Step 1

Hose off the infected area. Fleas and their larvae thrive in cool, moist spots but drown in a flood. This provides a good first step and helps clean the area.

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Step 2

Spray the colony site and the surrounding area, up to 20 feet from the original site, with a flea pesticide such as carbaryl, malathion or rotenone. These pesticides kill adult fleas, their larvae and any eggs. Follow manufacturer directions with regard to safe mixing and use of pesticides.

Step 3

Sprinkle lime around the property to drive fleas away organically, and use organic sprays like neem or pyrethrin oil for natural but effective treatment. Follow manufacturer directions for organic pesticides as well.


Maintain a tidy yard to discourage flea colonization. Keep the lawn trimmed and weeding, don't overfertilize or overwater, and move any sand or gravel away from the house. Fleas thrive in these loose, moist foundations.