How to Make a Plexiglass Buffing Compound

Things You\’ll Need

  • Paste wax

  • Clear container

  • Water

  • Spoon

  • Clean rag

  • Sandpaper — super-fine grit

Plexiglass is a type of acrylic similar to glass, but it's much stronger and more flexible. Plexiglass comes in various sizes and thicknesses and often is used for window replacement. Like anything else, it can become damaged and worn over time. There is a way to clean your plexiglass and have it looking brand new in no time: Use a plexiglass buffing compound. If you do not have the compound on hand, you can make your own with just a few household items.

Step 1

Inspect the plexiglass and determine how many scratches are on it. This will help you decide how much buffing compound to mix, to get rid of all the scratches.

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Step 2

Open a bottle of paste wax or another type of car wax, and dump it into a clear container. Mix in a little water. Stir with a spoon or other kitchen utensil, to create a plexiglass buffing compound. Continue stirring until the wax has softened up slightly. This will allow it to sink in better to the plexiglass.

Step 3

Apply the buffing compound to the scratches on the plexiglass with a clean rag, and let it soak in. Smooth out the surface where you applied the buffing compound with a buffing wheel. Make your own buffing wheel with sandpaper.

Step 4

Roll the sandpaper up into a small roll, and move it back and forth over the compound you just applied. Continue until the surface is smooth and even throughout. Repeat the exact same process for any other areas on the plexiglass you need to have buffed out.