How to Get Paint Smell Out of a Closet

Things You\’ll Need

  • Dinner plate

  • White bread

  • White distilled vinegar

... Remove the paint odor from your closet before putting your clothes inside.

Paint fumes often linger in newly painted rooms for days and sometimes weeks. In small enclosed places such as closets, the fumes linger longer. This can cause your clothing and other stored items to be permeated with the fumes as well. Cut the fumes and odor in your newly painted closet by absorbing the odor quickly instead of letting it disperse slowly.

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Step 1

Remove all of your clothing and other stored items from the closet. Launder the clothing to remove the paint smell from it.

Step 2

Place a slice of white bread on a plate. Soak the bread with white distilled vinegar.

Step 3

Set the plate on a shelf or on the floor of the closet. Leave it in the closet overnight. The vinegar-soaked bread will absorb the paint fumes.


Add vanilla extract to wet paint before painting to help reduce the fumes.