Decoration Ideas for Clear Glass Vases

... Clear vases can decoratively display a full range of objects.

Vases can hold and display more than fresh flower arrangements. If you find yourself with a few spare vases around the house, put them to work decorating the rooms in your space in creative ways. Clear glass vases show all of the contents that you place into them, so the possibilities for decoration ideas extend beyond flowers or other common vase fillers.

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Sand Art

Colored sand often fills small bottles for decor, but using a large clear glass vase gives you more room for layered colors of sand. Pour one color of sand to create a base layer in the bottom of the base and follow it with several other layers of other sand colors. Make the layers thick, thin or uneven to change the look of the finished piece. Place the sand art at eye level on shelves or mantels to display the many colorful layers.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fill a vase with natural colors from fruits and vegetables. Use real fruits and veggies for short-term centerpieces or artificial fruits and vegetables for longer term decor. Use bright, eye-popping green apples and lemons or softer pears and grapes. Buff the glass vase and the fruit to a shine before putting it all together. If you do use the arrangement as a centerpiece, consider laying a fresh blossom at the top of the fruit to drape over the top edge of the vase.


Some plants, such as orchids or bamboo, have attractive root systems that can be showcased inside of clear glass vases. Fill the bottom of the vase with a layer of pebbles for drainage and fill the rest of the vase with potting soil. Add your plant and allow it to grow. The roots will likely appear at the sides of the vase so that you can see the layer of rocks, dirt and the roots as well for a natural piece of art.

Beach Scene

Fill a vase halfway with sand to create a mini beach to decorate. Place a small beach chair, such as a dollhouse beach chair or one from a play set, onto the sand. Sprinkle in a few seashells and sand dollars to complete the tiny scene.


Fill the base of the glass vase with a small amount of pebbles, sand or marbles to provide a base for a candle. Place the bottom end of a tapered candle into the material so that the material supports it and allows it to stand up straight. Only light the candle if the glass vase is heat resistant. If you are unsure, it is best to leave the candle in place as decoration only.