How to Make Faux Torches for a Medieval Bedroom

Things You\’ll Need

  • Disposable cup

  • Cardboard tube

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Flour

  • Water

  • Mixing bowl

  • Strips of newspaper

  • Acrylic paint

  • Red, orange and yellow tissue paper

  • Air-drying modeling clay

  • Aluminum foil

  • Colored craft foam

... In medieval times, torches provided an important source of light.

For a child or teen who can't get enough of kings, castles and stories from the Middle Ages, a medieval-themed bedroom provides a fantasy escape that meshes with her interests. Creating faux torches for a medieval bedroom is one hands-on way to involve the young person with her room decorating. Hang a torch on the wall on either side of the bed or the door by wrapping the finished product with copper wire. Install an eyehook into the wall and thread the wire through to secure the faux torch.

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Step 1

Turn a plastic, paper or Styrofoam cup over so the open part faces down. Place a cardboard tube on the cup bottom and trace around it with a pencil. Cut out the circle from the cup.

Step 2

Brush a layer of glue around the edge of the hole. Insert a cardboard tube into the hole until it reaches the lip of the cup. Let the glue dry for at least two hours.

Step 3

Make a solution of one part flour to one part water for paper mache. Dip strips of newspaper in the solution and wrap them around the torch base. Cover the base in three overlapping layers of newspaper strips. Let it dry overnight.

Step 4

Apply black acrylic craft paint to the outside of the paper mache. Paint a design representative of the medieval era on the front such as a knight, gothic cathedral or coat of arms.

Step 5

Cut pieces of red, orange and yellow tissue paper and stuff them into the top of the cup and cardboard tube to create flames for the faux medieval torch.


Adjust the torch size by using a paper towel tube for a shorter torch or a wrapping paper tube for a larger one. Wrap aluminum foil around the base for a shiny appearance or mold air-drying clay around it as an alternative to paper mache. Insert pieces of colored craft foam cut to resemble flames as an alternative to tissue paper.