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Getting Bubbles Out of Spray Paint

A properly applied layer of spray paint should be smooth and attractive instead of riddled with small bumps. The bumps o

DIY Springtime Napkin Rings

1 of 6 Overview Spruce up your spring table by making these sweet little nest napkin rings.

How to Avoid Brush Marks in Polyurethane

Things You\'ll Need Foam paint brushLambswool applicatorBristle paint brushPaint thinnerPaint stir stickWhen brushed on w

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How to Install Glass Tile on an Outside Corner

Things You\'ll Need Razor blade (for mosaics)Glass tile nippersTrowelWhite thin-set mortarGroutGrout floatSpongeSoft clot

10 Common Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Sure, it can be meditative, and its rewarding when youre finished, but few of us really love cleaning. The longer you sp

How to Make Fake Spider Webs With Cotton Batting

Things You\'ll Need Cotton battingSharp scissorsInvisible tapePlastic spiders Decorate your home or office with f
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